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DPF & EGR off files

ONLINE DPF OFF and EGR OFF  FILE SERVICE FOR DIESEL CARS IN A FEW EASY STEPS.  DPF and EGR are systems that can cause you a lot of headaches and problems. Luckily we can help you to solve all those issues.


SWIRL & Throttle valve actuator (TVA) off files

Another weak area of all new diesel cars is the so-called SWIRL flap and Throttle valve actuator (TVA or Throttle body). Those two ” systems” are actually systems to make huge income for the car manufacturers. If you want to get rid of those mysterious and useless gadgets, read your software with tools like FG tech, Kess, Ktag, CMD, Magpro or MPPS and send it to us. After 30-60 min you will have edited software without those functions and your car will be super responsive again.



Discover a whole new driving experience for your diesel car.
More engine power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, faster acceleration, and quicker throttle responses: you will love your car again.  it’s the software that makes a difference. 
Every engine has power in reserve.
Unlock this potential with  www.removeimmo.com
We offer chip tuning files for most makes and models.
Chip tuning for more than 3,000 models from 60 manufacturers.
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What Our clients say?

"I was thoroughly informed why some cars are susceptible to tuning and others not. What to avoid and what to emphasize in our work together. What I learned helped me a lot in my work!"
"I will use your services many times, and I will continue to do so in the future. The cars you modified are going great! Everyone who drives them comes back with a smile on their face!"
"After the chiptuning, my car was great! I was surprised when they explained to me that in a few days, it would go even better. It was going even better! "

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