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Nikolay Nikolov

We focus Our time and efforts on to make your car better.

Nikolay has many international certificates. Chiptuning certificate from Alientech- Italy.Level 2 software training about WINols with V-tech Poland. 6 months training and Renault Cotech certificate from Renault- Paris. Many engineering trainings in Peugeot Croatia.With more than 20 year experience in automotive workshops.From spare parts department in PSA group to workshop aftersales manager in Renault and Dacia. This is only small part of Nikolay’s experience.



file services

Accurate reading and writing is a key component to the success of your chiptuning or dpf deactivation.

We use majority of world famous tools like Kess, Ktag, FG tech, CMD,IO terminal and eaven old
school eprom programmers for older vehicules.

Discover a whole new driving experience.

More engine power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, faster acceleration and quicker throttle responses: you will love your car again.  it’s the software that makes difference. 

Every engine has power in reserve.

Unlock this potential with TuningFiles.net

For editing maps we use software WinOLS for professional results. Send us your original file using contact form below and we will contact you shortly.

Stage 1

On stage1 we do individual changes for turbocharger pressure, fuel injection, rail pressure and a lot  more map parameters . With this option you have the best of both worlds, more power and better economy results.

DPF, EGR off

We use various methods to disable DPF, Adblue and EGR systems. After successful shutdown. filter can be removed from. exhaust system, and other components can be unplugged on some fuel systems.



we produce files for cars like:

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Software Is What Makes The Difference!