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Diesel car file Services

DPFoff, EGRoff, SWIRLoff, AdBLUEoff, TVAoff

With our file service you have many benefits.Low cost problem solving, better customer satisfaction and increasing your company image are just a few of the good points for you. We specialise in diesel cars, but we can remove second Lambda sensor f some of the fuel systems.With all latest “ECO” systems, more and more we, the workshop people have to deal with  parts that are not needed, and parts that are extremly expensive.

Speed limiter

For some of the  fuel systems we can offer you a speed limite removal function as well. Just send us your file and we will take care for the rest.

Diesel chiptuning

Take your car power to the next level!

ONLINE DPF OFF, EGR OFF AND TUNING FILE SERVICE FOR DIESEL CARS IN A FEW EASY STEPSPRO tuning files for companies,and for the end clients as well !


Discover a whole new driving experience.

More engine power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, faster acceleration and quicker throttle responses: you will love your car again.  it’s the software that makes difference. Every engine has power in reserve.Unlock this potential with

Why to choose us?

Lower fuel consumption, Better engine performance, Chip tuning from professional team.Simple order procedure.



For editing maps we use software WinOLS for professional results. Send us your original file using contact form below and we will contact you shortly.

Put Your Car And Driving On Another Level.

Increased power, fuel economy, better acceleration, a new feel. These are just some of the benefits of chiptuning.

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